Fall wish list.

Do seasons or holidays ever go by so quickly that you either forget or run out of time to accomplish all the things you really wanted to? The struggle is real, folks!

I refuse to let that happen to me this fall!

I decided to sit down, make a (manageable) list, and mark things off as the season goes by.

Some items are super simple; others will require a teeny bit of planning.

My goal in life right now is not to overextend myself or my budget. My goal is not to run around like crazy trying to do things for the sake of just doing them. My goal is not to compete with my Instagram and Facebook friends.

My goal is to enjoy the simple things. Frankly, I don’t want life to go by without living it!

So, will you join me? Grab some paper, make a list, and we will reconvene in a couple months to see if we are satisfied with how our season went and what we accomplished!

Here’s what I decided on:

  • Drink apple cider. . .
    • Unpasteurized, of course! Is there any other kind? 😉
  • Splurge on a new comfy sweater
  • Conquer a corn maize
  • Add a couple fall decor items around the house
    • Don’t go all out. . . the Dollar Tree will do! Trust me.
  • Visit an apple orchard
    • Take pictures to prove it.
  • Buy that perfectly-scented fall candle
    • Bath & Body Works:
      • Thankful: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpki
      • Sweater Weather
      • Marshmallow Fireside
      • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
      • Hot Cocoa & Cream
      • Cranberry Woods
  • Open the windows (at least) once a week and let the crisp air clean out the stuffiness
  • Attempt baking pumpkin cake or bread
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Attend a bonfire
  • Throw or attend a College Football Saturday party
    • Including food items such as pizza, wings, buffalo dip, etc. . .
      • P.S. Go Bucks! 😉
  • Eat a caramel apple
  • Drink a pumpkin spice latte (more than once)
    • I hate blowing money on coffee, especially being newly married and on a budget. Honestly, McDonald’s has a good one – for a manageable price!
  • Go to a high school football game

Leave me a comment with some items off your list!

Enjoy the season!

Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

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  1. Amazing! Your idea of what to do during fall is so like you! You have always liked fall!!!!!


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