When people hear your name…

Whether we are intentional about it or not, we are building our character (our name) every single moment of every single day…

Confessions of an Extrovert

I like being the center of attention, but I feel stupid and awkward way more often than you’d imagine. I don’t always want to fill in the awkward silence that all of you introverts create, but it’s like words come bubbling out with each breath. Sometimes to my dismay. Really. I just can’t help it….

Who do you need Baby Jesus to be?

Don’t leave this holiday season more broken than you were at the beginning. Come to the manger. Discover Baby Jesus to be everything you need this Christmas.

He rejoices over you.

Don’t make the “snapshot” of what is today the cover for the “album” of what your life has been, is, and is going to become.

The J O U R N E Y. Part One.

Let’s face it. Life is a messy thing. There is no manual titled The One Way to Do Life Right. Oh, how I wish there was! I am at a different spot in life than many of my friends, relatives, and coworkers. I’m at a completely different spot in life than I was just six…

No happiness leaks.

I’m tired of letting small things or unmet, wishful expectations or random, dumpy situations get in the way and – frankly – create opportunities for my happiness to leak out.

Let it go.

Sometimes, you just have to let it go — release it — be set free. Let me explain. I know how things are “supposed” to go in my life. I mean, come on. . . Don’t you? For example. . . My outfit will look so “on point” if I put those two pieces together….