Playing straight up-catch up. With pictures.

The blog has been at a stand-still for two whole months.

But, my life (on the contrary) has not.

Hence the lack of time (and energy) to post.

The good news is, I have pictures to prove it.

Starting off – the last few months have been waylaid with many hours of studying for me! Two stressful exams stand in the way of me becoming a licensed teacher in my new state. I’ve passed the first! Yay! The second is on the docket for the middle of this month! Hence no time or brain cells left to blog…

Also, the end of SPRING meant a very busy time for work. Anyone who works in education knows that May is an absolute BLUR! School ending is normally a joyous time for everyone. We even lined the sidewalk to wave the kiddos away as they left on their busses! But, for me, the end of this school year was very bittersweet, because I will not be returning to FES in the fall. I have loved my time working as an Instructional Assistant in Special Education (Grades 3-5). The connections I’ve made. The students I’ve taught. The memories I’ve experienced. Wow! I have grown so much as an educator, but I am looking forward to (in faith) having my Language Arts classroom this fall! (Photo creds – top right picture: Fortville Elementary School)


Amongst the busy-ness, I fit in two trips up North to visit my parentals (Mother’s Day Weekend & Memorial Day Weekend) while my hub was away on two long work-related trips. Enjoyed being at the ole’ homestead and seeing precious friends and family.

So many friends getting married this summer means an overload of bridal showers. But, really, it means celebrating sweet LOVE!

Also – my sweet sister-in-law got married to the love of her life! She is the most genuine, kind, and generous soul you’ll ever meet! She deserves all the happiness in the world! I was honored to stand beside her on the most important day of her life!

Continuing with the theme of love — On June 1st, Hub & I celebrated our FIRST anniversary! One whole year of memories, love, and laughter! Here’s a look back to that special day – our forever favorite day! (Photo creds: Kasey Photography)

Of course we had to take a little anniversary trip to celebrate! A couple sweet days spent in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Eating, hiking, adventuring, and just being together!

Oh, and – Just to keep it REAL – We can’t forget about the plumbing problems & being toilet-less for over 1 week… Gross!


I think that sums up the highlights of the last 2 months…

I PROMISE there’s good blog material coming your way SOON!

(Perks of picking a career in education — time OFF through the sweet summer months!)

Thanks, again, sweet followers – for doing just that – following along!


(Featured Image: Photo by Robert Shunev on Unsplash)

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  1. Connie Joslin says:

    Love all the pictures!!! Great year for the both if you❤️

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