Confessions of a Teacher

As a first year (8th grade Language Arts) teacher who’s living my “dream,” here are a couple confessions I have to make…

I expect perfection.

Our weaknesses.. Our shortcomings.. Our inadequacies.. When given to God, these imperfections showcase to the world that God uses earthen, human, needy vessels on the daily.

5 Life Lessons Daddy Taught Me

Daddy, this is for you. Thanks for being the real deal. No, you aren’t perfect. But, your genuine spirit showcases a maturity, kindness, honesty, and authentic love that I admire and seek to duplicate.

In hindsight: 3 Pre-dating Tips

If I could rewind 8 years, back to the “me” before I ventured into the world of dating, here’s 3 things I would tell myself.

8 things I learned in 2018.

Leave me a comment & let me know a lesson or two that 2018 taught you! We are all in this thing called life together! 💙

Truths for your Monday blues.

God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:7-10) If you are a child of God, all things in your life – no matter how impossible they seem – are working together for GOOD. (Romans 8:28) When you just don’t know how to pray or what to say, the Spirit is making intercession…

Face another day…

Trust me, friend. With Jesus – no matter how dark the day – you can face it. Don’t stop fighting.