Top 8 YouVersion Plans

In the past 36 weeks, I have completed 42 plans on the YouVersion Bible App.

My thoughts:

  • I love having a devotional so easily accessible.
  • I appreciate the connected Scripture with each plan.
  • I enjoy being able to find weekly devotionals that are pointed toward a specific area, struggle, or interest in my life. Each week brings new challenges, so it’s nice to have a devotional plan to give wisdom and Scripture that is applicable day-to-day.

However, my current struggle is sifting through all the hundreds of plans to find the “good” ones… the plans that are Scripturally sound and not just “fluff stuff.”

So… I thought I’d hop on the blog today to share with YOU my 8 favorite plans I have come across on the YouVersion App so far.

These cover many different topics, and each bring a unique style!

Happy Reading, Praying, and Studying!

A touching story about waiting. About finding God’s mercies to be BRAND new every single day. Can I get an “amen”?

Since hub and I are part of our local church ministry team, I found this devotional super enlightening and challenging! Helps put everything into perspective. I highly recommend it! Although it does focus a lot on being in music ministry, it has many applicable truths to all areas of ministry!

Such an incredible picture of Jesus, challenging us to daily become more like Him! Hub actually read this plan before I did. Was I ever glad I followed his lead!

These prayers helped me to feel more fulfilled in the mundane, day-to-day work, yet also challenged me to be THAT much better. I was convicted about how little I tend to pray for my role in the workplace.

This devotional has a unique approach to studying the Spirit, how to live in the Spirit, etc. It is packed with Scripture. Each day you will come away with a truth to focus on and correct. You will come back wanting more!

Sometimes we just need reminders about friendships in different seasons of life. How to be a friend who speaks TRUTH. How to deepen relationships, etc.

Such an INCREDIBLE plan! I encourage even those dating or engaged to check this plan out. I sure wish I would’ve seen it back then! Wow! Powerful and convicting stuff! Some of this applies to having problems or misconceptions in/about marriage. But, I focused instead on how this whole plan speaks of having a “gospel-centered marriage.” We all can improve in that area!

This devotional plan will take you outside your little bubble of Christianity. Such a unique approach to show that God’s kingdom is immense, alive, and well!


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