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Confessions of an Introvert

  1. I have often been perceived as arrogant. I really struggled with this as I always tried not to be that way. After talking with my dad about it, I realized that I was extremely self-focused socially. I didn’t care to take time to make new friends or reach out to others. Maybe elitist, but not arrogant. 😉
  2. I have high self-esteem. The reason being, I put lots of stock into what those closest think about me. And I’m very blessed to have a very good and honest inner circle who can tell me straight and build me up. I can take it when people don’t like me or my personality. I don’t dwell on the fact that there are people out there that don’t like me. There are people out there that I don’t like.  My worth is anchored in the fact that God made me and that I am bought with a price.
  3. I’m really OK with myself. I know I’m not perfect, but I could be way worse off. God has been good to me, and I’m good with that. End of story.
  4. When my opinion needs to be changed, I can be persuaded. I need to see the reason why I need to change, though. Whether a good thing or bad thing, I need to see some logic, reasons, or examples, not just your emotions or your opinion.
  5. I am totally fine disagreeing on something. I’ve been wrong so many times, it’s not even weird anymore. However, I’ve also been right a good deal of the time. Put these together and I am agreeable to disagree… as long as the other party has more proof than emotions.
  6. I LOVE to be in the know – gossip, drama, fake news – call it whatever you like, I want to know. I have to be very careful not to let this run the show.  This has gotten me in trouble many times. I’ve had to apologize a lot for letting others be in the know when they didn’t need to be.
  7. I live up to the stereotype of being introverted – I look for reasons to avoid being social. I can be quite social, and I have learned a lot from others about fitting in socially, but it takes a lot of energy to run that charade for any length of time.
  8. I am guilty of making people earn my respect. This might be a very common thing, but I’m afraid I take it too far. I realized one day that if a certain mentor asked me to cut my arm off to better myself, I’d say, “Which one?” Then I thought of another person, similar position, not in my good graces, that I would hardly acknowledge if they gave me a small piece of good advice.
  9. I have only recently found this out about myself – I’m considerably more dramatic than I would have thought.  Whether telling stories or trying to make a joke, I am dramatic. Side effect of being married to an extroverted spouse, I guess… HA!
  10. True & Last confession: I kinda like the spotlight. Not being in the spotlight, mind you – just the wayward beam that finds me for a brief moment and then goes on to another worthy person.

Fellow introverts, stay at home and rule the world.


Blog post written by: Travis Stroup, my husband & favorite introvert

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Confessions of an Extrovert

  1. I like being the center of attention, but I feel stupid and awkward way more often than you’d imagine.
  2. I don’t always want to fill in the awkward silence that all of you introverts create, but it’s like words come bubbling out with each breath. Sometimes to my dismay. Really. I just can’t help it.
  3. I get stressed in big groups of people or at parties. Not because I don’t think I won’t find someone to talk to, but because there’s no way I’ll be able to talk to everyone. Bummer.
  4. Just because I’m extroverted doesn’t mean I want to be in charge. Thanks, but no thanks. (However…)
  5. I am bossy. I don’t mean to be, but I can’t handle things running chaotically. If you don’t step up and fix it, I’ll accidentally take over. Not because I want to, but because I can’t handle the pain of watching something fail because no one will “man” or “woman” up, tell people what to do, and get the show on the road.
  6. I appreciate people who laugh at my corny jokes. Most humans aren’t brave enough to even crack one, OK? So give me a break, people.
  7. I’ve cried myself to sleep more times than I want to admit. I care way too much about what my peers, classmates, friends, family, bosses, and coworkers think about me.
  8. I’ve been hurt many times, but that will never stop me from putting myself out there – time and again. I need that human connection, almost constantly.
  9. I’ll crack a joke about myself, if it means that a chill, stiff room will loosen up and melt a little. I can handle it.
  10. I don’t like to be taken for granted. I’m one of a kind. I’m full of energy. Yeah, sometimes I’m “too much.” But, the world needs little, ‘ole extroverted me – just as much as it needs quiet, ever observant introverted you.


To my fellow extroverted readers, followers, acquaintances, and friends – Don’t stop being you. You might be loud, crazy, sometimes obnoxious, and a little too lively. But, I love and appreciate you – and so do many others!


p.s. Be on the lookout for “Confessions of an Introvert” – written by an introvert I love dearly – Coming soon!


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