Pandemic Mondays: From a Teacher’s Perspective

I used to face Mondays with such dread. Early morning. Last minute lesson plan prep. Running a marathon from 8:30-4. Answering a bunch of questions. Putting in grades. Passing back papers. Getting my mind back in gear for the busy week ahead.

Now, Mondays are slow. I sleep in. I’m able to work out. Cook myself a hearty breakfast. Clean the house. Get assignments ready to post for the next E-Learning Day.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my students. I miss them. I miss feeling like I was making a difference every day. I miss social interaction. I miss my coworkers + friends. I hate that so many students (especially seniors) are cheated out of the best quarter of the school year. I hate that I most likely will never see my 8th graders ever again, since they are moving across the street to high school this fall. I just hope + pray that I taught them well enough in 3 quarters.. that they knew Mrs. Stroup cared.

But, instead of only focusing on the negatives, I’m going to choose to enjoy the way life has left me with no choice but to slow down and make this tired, first-year teacher catch her breath again.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to create fun + meaningful assignments for my students to work on at home. To be gracious with deadlines + late work.

And to be THANKFUL that my bathroom looks fresh, dinner is in the crockpot, my house is picked up — and it’s barely 2 o’ clock.

Photo: My addition to our school’s collage photo that will be sent out to our Middle School students this week, telling them that we love and miss them! ❤️

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