Just because I’m an extrovert doesn’t mean…

Just because I’m an extrovert doesn’t mean…

  • I am never lonely.
  • I feel included.
  • I actually want to talk all the time.
  • I always have plans.
  • I always want the spotlight.
  • I enjoy making awkward conversation around the table.

I am more than my label…

  • Sometimes, I am lonely. I know everyone, but that doesn’t mean I am known. I have a thousand different acquaintances but few, close friends. I want to have more friends and closer relationships, but most people don’t think I need them.
  • I might be a part of the group. But, I don’t always feel like I belong. Sometimes I feel like I’m too loud. Other times I feel like I’m not saying enough. I often wonder if others really want me there. It’s truly rare when I feel like I fit in a group. I often overanalyze my interactions with people.
  • I love to talk. Don’t get me wrong. But, sometimes, I just don’t want to. I have no more energy to give. Stop asking me, “Is everything alright? Are you ok?” just because I’m more quiet than normal.
  • Sometimes I have plans. Lots of times I don’t. It’s hard for me to actually reach out and make solid plans with people. I hate being the one to set everything up. I want to feel wanted, and I also don’t want to overstep. It’s a constant battle. Having no plans, but not sure how to make them.
  • The spotlight is nice. I love it! But, I don’t always want it. I’d rather have a few, close friends notice my work and congratulate me, than to be embarrassed in front of everyone. Maybe. Sometimes. If I am in the spotlight, I second guess everything. “Did I get here the right way?” “Do I look ok?” “Am I truly happy?” “Was it worth it?” Sometimes it’s just exhausting to have the spotlight… and I’d rather fly under the radar.
  • I hate awkward conversation. But, I’d rather take one for the team than sit through an awkward lunch or meeting. Silence is worse than awkwardness. Someone’s gotta be the conversation Savior. It happens to fall upon the shoulders of the extroverts. Unfortunately, it’s not always fun.

So, before you think you know me… know somebody… Before you make an assumption about me… about anyone… take a step back!

There are always OTHER things going on. Behind the scenes feelings. Habits and tendencies.

I love my uniqueness. You should love yours. I’m daily learning more about myself and how to be a better version of me. So should you.

Just remember this…

Each of us is so much more than the label placed on our personality.

Photo creds: http://www.unsplash.com

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