When people hear your name…

Whether we are intentional about it or not, we are building our character (our name) every single moment of every single day…

5 Life Lessons Daddy Taught Me

Daddy, this is for you. Thanks for being the real deal. No, you aren’t perfect. But, your genuine spirit showcases a maturity, kindness, honesty, and authentic love that I admire and seek to duplicate.

Messy Relationships.

In a world full of fluffy relationships, let us be people who pursue and create the solid, authentic ones.


I don’t for a moment think that mediocre kindness is what Christ has called us – His Followers – to.

Seven ways to make your listening skills better.

Listening is a skill many of us need to brush up on. Myself included. Just this week, I was confronted with the criticism that sometimes I don’t put as much effort into listening to those around me as I should. Ouch. That hurt. However, the more I look into that criticism, I realize that it was…