5 Life Lessons Daddy Taught Me

My Daddy is the best. You don’t have to agree, but you won’t convince me otherwise. My Daddy is one of the most selfless, caring, and authentic souls you will ever meet. He can’t go anywhere in town where someone doesn’t know him. And, it’s not just that. Everyone speaks highly of him. You see, with my Daddy. . . What you see is what you get. What you hear is what you believe. And, what he says is most assuredly what he will do.

Daddy taught me and my two siblings many lessons over the years. However, the ones that stay with me to this day are not the ones he said out loud, but the ones he lived out right in front of me.

I think the tradition of waiting until someone is dead and gone to say what you really think of them is one of the worst habits our society has adopted. Why not honor the living? It makes much more sense.

So, Daddy, this is for you. Thanks for being the real deal. No, you aren’t perfect. But, your genuine spirit showcases a maturity, kindness, honesty, and authentic love that I admire and seek to duplicate.

Mini bio on Daddy: He is a Pastor in Northern Ohio and has been in the ministry for 28 years. He’s married to his sweetheart, Kimberly, who obviously happens to be my Mom. He brags on her and tells everyone he meets that he couldn’t do this life without her. He and Mom somehow raised us three crazy kids, and both come out of the experience sane. Miracles still happen. Daddy never stops. He’s always so busy. Caring about his parishioners, his flock. Keeping up with his family. Being the hands and feet of Jesus to all he meets. In between sitting on multiple boards and holding different positions of leadership, Daddy is also a chaplain for his local Sheriff’s department. He cares. Deeply. And it is evident to all who meet him. 



5 Life Lessons Daddy Taught Me


  1. To be inconvenienced is an opportunity to show sacrificial love. I will never forget many Christmases ago when we were about to open our presents how plans got changed. You see, we always opened our presents before Christmas Day. We always traveled to be with be family for the actual holiday, so we got to do our Christmas early. Our tradition always has been that we go out to eat before we open our presents. We were super pumped about going to a certain restaurant. And, we couldn’t wait for daddy to get home and take us! However, when he came through the door, he had a special request. Someone had called him from the hospital about an hour away and asked him to come and pray with their family member. He asked us if we’d go with him… If it would be alright to eat over there (at a different restaurant) and then just open our presents after a visit to the hospital? Mind you, this was someone Daddy didn’t even know. And, you know what? We didn’t even think twice about it! Of course we could do that! Why? Because loving people – ministry – that’s what life’s about.
  2. To feel inadequate doesn’t give you an excuse to sit on the sidelines. My Dad doesn’t consider himself to be the best or the greatest at anything (except perhaps mowing his lawn). But, that doesn’t hold him back from always putting his best foot forward and trying his hardest at whatever comes his way. He has taught me that – even though you might feel like you’re not up for the job or the task or the calling at hand – God will give you the strength, grace, and endurance – but only if you are willing to put all you have into it!
  3. To be cautious isn’t weak; it’s logical. My Daddy is a careful man. A man of prayer. A man of consideration. Oh, yes. He is impulsive to a fault. But, when it comes to the serious stuff, he takes his time. He talks to God about it. Yes, he has erred to the “safe” side more than once. But, one thing’s for certain. Anything he does, he does with confidence and assurance. And, if he turns out to be wrong, he is quick to ask forgiveness and change course. This trait is one I endeavor to copy. I don’t want to move with haste and “throw all caution to the wind.” As Dad said, “It might come back to bite you in the butt.” I want to make decisions carefully, based in counsel and wisdom.
  4. To stop lollygagging around and just get the job done. Seriously. Dad never stops. He’s ALWAYS doing something. If you need something fixed, just mention it to Daddy. He’ll have the problem solved in about five minutes. And, if he (somehow) can’t solve it solo, he’ll call up the troops and make sure the solution gets worked out one way or another. Instead of waiting on everyone else to jump in, Daddy always just jumps in feet first. Others follow. He’s not afraid to lead, but if someone else is leading, he’s the type of follower you want, too. As a kid, it was kind of frustrating. “Can’t we just be lazy today, Daddy?” If you were one of his children, you worked whether you felt like it or not. I didn’t always appreciate that on Saturday mornings growing up, but now I value the work ethic instilled in my life.
  5. To focus on Kingdom work isn’t a walk in the park, but rather a reward in heaven. My Father is the best pastor you will ever find. There’s not a more committed or genuine one out there. He has given minutes, hours, years of his life to study God’s Word, care for his flock, spread the gospel, and support the community. You will never hear him complain about how much he is paid and his lack of a healthy retirement fund. He will tell you that serving God – in whatever capacity he is led – is his greatest joy! Daddy has and still is impacting countless souls for Christ! May I, as his child, carry on his legacy of loving others!

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  1. vanzileblog says:

    Priceless life lessons!!


  2. Ariana Litchfield says:

    My Dad has strived to teach His children to die to themselves , take up their cross, and follow Jesus daily. He is big on making sure you spend time with God in the morning and striving to make Jesus your first thought when you wake up.


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