Confessions of a Teacher

As a first year (8th grade Language Arts) teacher who’s living my “dream,” here are a couple confessions I have to make…

I expect perfection.

Our weaknesses.. Our shortcomings.. Our inadequacies.. When given to God, these imperfections showcase to the world that God uses earthen, human, needy vessels on the daily.

Defined by Worship.

However, spiritually – I don’t want to be labeled – but defined. Defined by something greater. Something more than just the outward.

5 Life Lessons Daddy Taught Me

Daddy, this is for you. Thanks for being the real deal. No, you aren’t perfect. But, your genuine spirit showcases a maturity, kindness, honesty, and authentic love that I admire and seek to duplicate.

Messy Relationships.

In a world full of fluffy relationships, let us be people who pursue and create the solid, authentic ones.

Playing straight up-catch up. With pictures.

The blog has been at a stand-still for two whole months. But, my life (on the contrary) has not. Hence the lack of time (and energy) to post. The good news is, I have pictures to prove it. Starting off – the last few months have been waylaid with many hours of studying for me!…